Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two hours of "entertainment" = a lifetime of misery (elephants & big cats in circuses)

Please sign this petition to help end this for good. Circuses are great, but not at the expense of compassion. These circus elephants and big cats are forced to perform difficult, often dangerous tasks, day in day out; crammed in small cages, traveling constantly, kept from natural interaction with others of their own kind, elephants often chained in one place for many hours. This is no life for these majestic, intelligent animals. Give them their freedom.

It has been proven that animals in the circus are beaten and abused to make them do unnatural tricks for human entertainment. Many countries such as Bolivia and Greece have banned animals in the circus. Please, No Animals in the Circus.


USDA Penalizes Ringling $270,000, largest fine in circus history -

Expose on Ringling, 'Cruelest Show on Earth' by Deborah Nelson, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist -

Elephants Hit with Bullhooks by Ringling Employees. -

Fact Sheet of Deaths, Failure to Comply, Elephant Tuberculosis, Impeding Investigations, Criminal Activity, Declining Popularity -

Let this touch your heart in viewing the suffering -

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