Monday, January 11, 2016

A Severely Neglected Dog Gets A Fairytale Rescue (video)

One more good reason to adopt and not shop. So many animals are in need of loving homes, we don't need breeders (either certified or backyard breeders, and certainly NOT puppy mills) contributing to the global pet over-population problem. We need homes for the animals that are already here, rather than adding more and more animals each breeding season. Please desex/neuter your pets, and when you are ready to add a new fur baby to your household, visit your local shelter to rescue an animal, rather than give money to a breeder to keep this terrible cycle of animal abuse and death going.

The Song of the Endangered Species (video duration: two and half minutes)

A song on the plight of so many of our beautiful world's animals (and plants). Thanks to Al Brenner for this great song.