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Native American Stories

Collection of links to full-text Native American stories online with the beginning of a sample story for each collection to excite your imagination! There is a link both to the continuation of the sample story and also to the complete story collection online. The script is available as a Random Native American Storybook (random display every time the page refreshes).

English Proverbs of the Day

Collection of 366 English proverbs, one for every day of the year (including leap years), taken from the Oxford Dictionary of English Proverbs, compiled by William George Smith. Most lesser known English proverbs. You can choose to view an English Proverb of the Day, or you can choose to view a Random English Proverb (random display every time the page refreshes).

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Collection of 53 Greek Gods and Goddesses with brief descriptions of each and a link to a Wikipedia article, image and a link to the source of the image.

Now for something completely different! Latin Poetry!

Petition to change to more humane treatment of abandoned animals

How Pet Friendly Rentals Works

Friday, October 28, 2011

1 new story | Scientists Spot Signs of 'Shadow' Universes - Space telescope testing 'multiverse' theory

1 new story | Scientists Spot Signs of 'Shadow' Universes - Space telescope testing 'multiverse' theory

Scientists Spot Signs of 'Shadow' Universes by Rob Quinn

(NEWSER) – Scientists who believe our universe is just one of many have found a way to put their theory to the test. The "multiverse" theory holds that our universe is in a bubble of space and time drifting in a sea of other "bubble universes." Cosmologists say that the cosmic background radiation left over from the Big Bang shows tantalizing signs of collisions with other bubbles, the BBC reports. The European Space Agency's Planck space telescope is expected to provide data that will either back up the theory or refute it.

"The work represents an opportunity to test a theory that is truly mind-blowing: that we exist within a vast multiverse, where other universes are constantly popping into existence,” the lead researcher says. But even if the existence of bubble universes—where the laws of nature may be utterly different—is confirmed, it will be impossible to learn more about them, he warns. "It would be wonderful to be able to go outside our bubble, but it's not going to be possible," she says.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Linkin Park - What I've Done(OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO HD)w/ Lyrics

Song from end credits of Transformer (1). Excellent song from a great band - Linkin Park!

Poetry for Kids

Poetry for Kids

Check out "Poetry for Kids" website - Poet/author Kenn Nesbitt's poetry playground where you can find funny poems and poetry books for children, games, contests, lessons, discussion forums, and journals, plus a rhyming dictionary, funny poetry podcast, videos, school visit information and lots more.

My Parents Sent Me to the Store - A Funny Kid's Poem by Children's Autho...

Animated kid's poetry by Kenn Nesbitt! You'll love it!

Narnia Soundtrack - Narnia Lullaby

A Narnian Lullaby from The Chronicles of Narmia - otherworldly and extraordinarily beautiful! "The Enchanted Flute"

Ukraine Is Burning Animals ALIVE in preparation for Football Championships 2012! Take Action Now!

PLEASE SHARE - This amazing picture shows a large number of bags stacked and sealed. All but one of which shows the head of a dog unable to release the rest of his body from the bag. Packages are filled with dogs and cats ready to be placed alive in a crematorium. The savage massacre is taking place in Lysychansk (Ukraine), in order to rid the city of their presence during the European Football Championship in 2012.
Ukraine Is Burning Animals ALIVE. Take Action Now! - Take Action Today @ The Animal Rescue Site

Petition to stop Ukraine burning stray dogs alive in "clean-up" for football championship! (Click on link to sign) How did football become more important than compassion?!
Photo above courtesy of Nature Call Love facebook page

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pups and kittens may be clubbed to death under EU lab 'welfare' plans | Mail Online

Pups and kittens may be clubbed to death under EU lab 'welfare' plans | Mail Online

(This is one more good reason vivisection (animal research) should be halted!) Puppies and kittens could be clubbed to death under new European Union regulations on the welfare of laboratory animals.

Currently, newborn puppies, kittens, ferrets and fox cubs which are not needed for scientific research are put to sleep.

But rules due to become law in the UK by 2013 sanction killing by a 'percussive blow to the head'.

Animal welfare charities have described the technique as 'officially sanctioned cruelty'.

And they have accused the Government of bowing to the wishes of drug companies anxious to cut costs.

The directive aims to harmonise standards on labs around the EU. Britain has the option of keeping its own higher welfare standards but shows no sign of doing so.

In a consultation document, the Home Office says that clubbing is likely be to humane – but public perception 'may be (very) poor'.

Dan Lyons of campaign group Uncaged, which brought to light the plans, said: 'The Home Office could have said, “We are not going to introduce it, we are going to retain current methods”.

'Instead, they have opened the door to it.

'The barbaric methods of the Canadian seal hunt are poised to arrive in British labs and breeding establishments.

Read more:

'The only thing the Government appears to care about is "poor public perception", with no concern for the animals.

'It reflects a deeply disturbing lack of basic morals, ethics and compassion.' The proposal covers very young dogs, kittens, ferrets and foxes, many of which are likely to have been bred specifically for use in experiments only to be killed because they are surplus to requirements.

In other cases, the mother animal may have been used for drug or other testing while the young were still in the womb.

Read more:

Dr Lyons, one of Britain's leading experts on animal research policy, said that while universities and pharmaceutical companies will still have the option of putting the creatures to sleep, some may see clubbing as quicker and cheaper.

He said: 'It is one of the most extreme forms of officially sanctioned cruelty I have ever come across.'

The RSPCA says that following the directive would leave some animals in chronic severe pain, suffering or distress, as well as allowing inhumane killing.

Dr Maggy Jennings, who heads the charity's work on research animals, said: 'Successive governments have made proud claims that the UK has "the highest standards in the world" for animal research and testing.

'Now they seem prepared to weaken this legislation and take a step backwards on lab animal welfare.

'We urge the Government to respect public concern on this issue and, at the very least, maintain the level of regulation that we currently have.'

'If they don't, animal welfare, public confidence and ultimately UK science will suffer.' Understanding Medical Research, a group representing researchers, universities, drug companies and funding bodies, backed the animal welfare groups' calls for the current methods of killing to be kept.

The legislation could also lead to the number of inspections of labs being cut from 2,000 a year to just 80 and to animals being housed in smaller cages.

Public consultation on the proposals closes on Monday.

Some 3.7million animal experiments were carried out in British labs last year – a one million rise on a decade earlier.

The bulk of the experiments involved mice, followed by fish, rats and birds.

More than 2,500 experiments were on monkeys and other primates, and 8,000 on dogs and cats.

Read more:

Monday, October 17, 2011

"Cliffside Retreat" by Pino - Art4Good Foundation, Inc. Store

"Cliffside Retreat" by Pino - Art4Good Foundation, Inc. Store

Art4Good Foundation - Buy beautiful art and help worthy charities at the same time!

Dogs rescued on journey to death

Dogs rescued on journey to death

800 dogs (many stolen) being transported in one truck were rescued on their way to the meat markets in China. Some had already died, or been injured. The surviving dogs are now in quarantine and safe. Read more about this article from AnimalsAsia at the link provided.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wile-E (not a coyote) by Eldad Hagar Please rate, comment and subscribe.

A dog living alone in a junk yard rescued and given a forever home! Thanks again to

Wile-E (not a coyote) by Eldad Hagar Please rate, comment and subscribe.

A dog living alone in a junk yard rescued and given a forever home! Thanks again to

Dog rescue: Rocky & Libby - Please share and help find them a home.

Please help Rocky, the dumped and neglected dog, with a lovely nature, find his "fur-ever" home where he will be loved and played with for the rest of his life!

Lacy - saved from euthanasia - Please share this video

A happy new life for a beautiful rescued dog by

ASPCA | ASPCA Issues Statement on Euthanasia of Oreo

ASPCA | ASPCA Issues Statement on Euthanasia of Oreo

Why Orea, the severely abused pitbull, was put down by the ASPCA. This poor animal had been severely treated and as a result became highly aggressive. To read more, please read the article at the link from the ASPCA provided.

7 Billion humans by Halloween!

On Halloween, the world's 7 billionth person will be born. While population growth has slowed in most regions around the world, the population still increases by nearly 80 million people every year. That's the equivalent of adding a new United States every four years, and it's putting strain of families, communities and governments around the world. With many people already starving and habitats being destroyed at a rapid rate for resources, food, and housing, should we keep on multiplying as we have been, or reduce pressure on our world, and each other, by cutting back? If each couple limits their family to two, our population will stabilize (or reduce if we we limit ourselves to one).

Monday, October 10, 2011

Don't Let The Puffy Paws Kitties Be A Forgotten Memory.wmv

This beautiful clip, featuring the moving song "Mad World", was put together to honour the fabulous work of a worthy charity which works to help save and rehouse kittens and cats that have been dumped, ill-treated, or ended up in shelters where they were due to be killed. This is a charity really worth helping!

She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth Dying for.

Gaia, planet Earth, our small home. This clip is extraordinary! Awe-inspiring! Amazing!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

People against swimming with dolphins!

People against swimming with dolphins!
posted by Jake Richardson

A woman who swam with dolphins has written a very brave counterpoint to all the overblown discourse on the joys of swimming with dolphins. She says she loves them, so she will never swim with them again because she now knows how much suffering is caused by keeping them in captivity. “Captive dolphins experience severe trauma, stress, boredom, claustrophobia, sickness, insanity and early death. They are unable to hunt or behave naturally, are confined to areas much smaller than what is healthy for their species, and some captive dolphins commit suicide,” she wrote. (Source: (Her first and last dolphin swimming experience took place in Cancun.)

It isn’t clear exactly where the dolphin suicide notion came from, or if it actually occurs but everything else she wrote is backed by reputable organizations like the Humane Society and the World Society for the Protection of Animals. First of all, let’s be precise about where captive dolphins come from. They are herded in the wild and captured, resulting in stress, injury and even death. According to WSPA, 53% of dolphins don’t survive the first three months of captivity after being captured and transported. Captive dolphins are probably highly stressed due to being confined in small spaces, and nearly every space they are kept in is far too small when you consider they can swim 40 miles a day or more. Also, they are being kept against their will–if they had a choice they would surely return to open, natural waters. In captivity, they are often separated from family members for no reason, which is very stressful to them.

There might be 1,000 dolphins in several hundred facilities kept for swimming with people or stunt exhibitions for paying visitors. This cottage industry has been described as unsustainable due to the fact more and more wild dolphins must be captured to populate the facilities because of captive dolphin deaths, low reproductive rates and shortened life spans.

The only reason such facilities offer dolphin swims is to make money for themselves. They may market the swims as education, but clearly they are trying to cover their true motive. Paid swims often include the dolphins having to perform stunts like pulling the customers through the water, or swimming with a customer standing on them. These kinds of tricks are not the least bit educational and only are done for the sake of entertainment.

Also, the high cost of swims sometimes over one hundred dollars indicate they are done for profit not education. One can learn much more by watching dolphin documentaries for very little money (Netflix) or clips on YouTube, which would be free.

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration has published guidelines that support the blogger’s view dolphins should be left alone. NOAA says about wild dolphins:

Dolphins are not water toys or pets.
“However, truly wild dolphins will bite when they are angry, frustrated or afraid. When people try to swim with wild dolphins, the dolphins are disturbed. ”

Dolphin scientists have proof of injuries.
“Feeding wild dolphin disrupts their social groups which threatens their ability to survive in the wild. Young dolphins do not survive if their mothers compete with them for hand-outs and don’t teach them to forage.” (Source: