Saturday, October 26, 2013

Touching video about Christian the Lion

An amazing, true story about a lion who was raised by humans, friends John Rendall and Ace Bourke. The lion grew to big and strong to keep so John and Ace made it their mission to find a way to return Christian safely to the wilderness. This is Christian's remarkable story and the reunion of Christian with John and Ace. It is a reunion that you will never forget.

Tender, beautiful video - Man reunites with a gorilla he raised.

A touching reunion of a man with the gorilla he raised before releasing him into the wild five years ago.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Petition to stop abhorrent cruelty to bears...

The plight of the "dancing" bear is horrendous. Please follow this link, sign the petition and share... -
Zero Tolerance For Animal Abusers
Please read the below, it is a deeply disturbing reality, and then SIGN & SHARE the below petition, to expose and end the dark truth behind the dancing bear. Here is what bear cubs suffer: 1. First few days are spent in the dark under an upside-down basket without food, water, or contact of any kind. 2. Tied to a post in the village where the children torment it. 3. At 6 months, a red-hot poker is forced through the bone, cartilage and nerve membrane in the top of the muzzle and a coarse rope pulled through the wound - a second piercing is necessary, usually done before the first wound has healed. 4. At less than one year of age, their teeth are knocked out with a hammer -- with no anaesthetic. Between 60% and 70% of the cubs die before they can be trained due to the punishing regime of beatings and starvation. 5. To train the bear to dance, hot coals are placed under their feet and the muzzle pain is exacerbated as the trainer pulls on the rope forcing the cub to stand upright. Under their thick collars, cuts are made to inflict more pain, thus the bears' undivided attention and complete compliance. A total of 60% to 70% of the cubs die before training. 20% from shock of separation from their mothers 20% to 40% die during transportation 20% die during early handling 40% of the remaining cubs die during their first year.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Help Stop Dolphin Murderers setting up Dolphin Tourist Park!

The town of Taiji, notorious for their regular slaughter of dolphins, are preparing to set up a Dolphin Tourist Park (AND continue their regular dolphin slaughter!) This "Marina Prison(park)" will be used to fund their dolphin massacre. Please sign this petition to help stop this inhumane project from happening!

There is nothing more heartwarming than to take in the sights of the graceful dolphins swimming in their natural habitat. They seem to be smiling as jump in and out of the water. With the love of this gorgeous being, many have a quest for swimming with the dolphins, which has become big business for the hungry money-makers, like those in Japan.

Unfortunately, the town of Taiji in Japan is trying to encourage tourists to swim with the dolphins for the mere pleasure of generating funds for its establishment, which is just a ploy for killing more dolphins. The Cove, as it is known, is an area just a short distance from where tourists can swim with these majestic creatures. In fact, they are proposing to open a Marine Park in the Cove while still continuing their practice of dolphin killing in nearby Hatakejiri bay where the waters are pink from slaughter.

The proposed Marine Park would allow tourists not only to swim with the dolphins but also enjoy kayaking alongside dolphins and small whales. The Cove would be divided to allow for people to enjoy these water “sports” while also tasting various marine products, including whale and dolphin meat. Government official Masaki Wada also states that the town also plans a whale safari park spanning around 69 acres to open within five years, with a net installed at the entrance to a bay in the northwest of Taiji.

The sad part is that just a short distance in Hatakejiri bay, the waters are turning red as dolphins are lured there and slaughtered. This cruel and inhumane practice dates back more than 400 years with locals claiming that such traditions is no different than the slaughter of cattle for food. Opening the Marine Park is being condemned as exploitative to lure more of these gorgeous creatures to Taiji except that the mammals do not belong to this cruel town. Mr. Wade goes on to say that "marine mammals migrate across oceans, and internationally public opinion is that wildlife should be allowed to live as they are. The plan will only ignite more protests over dolphin-hunting.” Let’s band together to help protest and stop this cruel act of dolphin slaughter in Japan. Please sign and share, share, share in order to stop such animal abuse and cruelty and save the dolphins!

Please sign this petition, to help save wild dolphins from a horrible fate!

Petition author: SUE LEE

Monday, October 7, 2013

Did you know horses snore?! (video)

This funny clip shows how other animals are not so different after all, from the human animal. :) (We also have a cow snoring video on one of our other posts!:D)