Sunday, April 29, 2012

Farm Animals Kicked and beaten to death. Please sign to stop this terrible abuse...

Target: Lee Grant, Chief Executive of the RSPCA's Freedom Food

Sponsored by: Dianne Hillier- Supporter of Hillside Animal Sanctuary

Urge RSPCA to Prosecute Little Thorns farm, near Swaffham, Norfolk, UK.

Yet another organisation has been able to release shocking undercover footage of an RSPCA Freedom Food accredited farm in Norfolk showing 'callous and cruel' treatment of pigs, including a piglet being hit on the head with a bar, pigs being hit, kicked and slapped, and another being thrown over a gate, appearing injured afterwards.

Lee Grant, chief executive of the RSPCA's Freedom Food, was quoted as saying that he was 'absolutely disgusted' by what he saw on the footage and that it was 'absolutely unacceptable' Yet, despite such stirring words for the press, the RSPCA have stated that they will NOT be prosecuting or even pursuing an investigation!

Mr Grant added that the practices he saw at the Freedom Food unit were "extremely rare" and he was "convinced" that it did not happen at other farms under the Freedom Food label. This is despite Hillside's own investigations highlighting conditions on over a dozen Freedom Food farms that were so bad they became the subject of a high profile television programme or shamed the RSPCA into initiating their own prosecution! Animal Aid have also been successful in exposing terrible conditions on other Freedom Food farms, and very recently the treatment of pigs at the RSPCA Freedom Food accredited slaughterhouse, Cheale Meats.

It is hard to understand how Lee Grant can claim such ignorance of the cruelty and neglect which we, and others, have shown to be commonplace on many RSPCA Freedom Food farms!

How many more farms will be exposed before the RSPCA admit their Freedom Food scheme does nothing more than cover up cruelty and neglect and continually fails to provide the high animal welfare standards that it promises?

You may watch the footage obtained by 'Animal Equality', which includes graphic scenes, by clicking the link below...

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