Tuesday, February 28, 2012

One of the cutest clips you will EVER see! Kingsford the piglet goes for a swim

The original link is here - http://rickysplace.com/player/0906-2.html Please check it out because it has a more suitable musical soundtrack - plus you get to hear little Kingsford's squeeks and squeals when he tries to climb up and down the stairs!! Cuteness overload.

Claude Debussy - Clair de Lune

The beautiful music of Bach

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Punk Rock - Kitty-Style!! - Clash Kittens Rock Da Catbox!

Petition to help stop abhorrent cruelty in Australian Slaughterhouses

NSW abattoir closed over slaughter practices. Beware - this footage is very disturbing.

Why This Is Important

Horrific animal abuse is happening right here, in Australian abattoirs.

Lateline just showed footage of workers at an abattoir in NSW bashing pigs on the head with iron bars, shocking them in the face with electric cattle prods and leaving helpless sheep to bleed to death while fully conscious.

The abattoir was checked by government regulators FOUR TIMES last year, and they didn’t find a single thing amiss.

Now the NSW Food Authority is trying to brush it off by labelling the abattoir as a “rogue operator”. They say it doesn’t represent the industry as a whole. But if the government inspected it four times and found nothing, how can they say this sickening abuse isn't happening to hundreds of other animals?

The current system doesn't work. Abattoirs should be fitted with mandatory cameras -- it's the only way to ensure this abuse isn't happening elsewhere.

If the workers are handling animals correctly, what is there to feel uncomfortable about? Many workplaces are equipped with security cameras for safety and work purposes, so why should abattoirs be exempt? The UK is already doing the same.

We don’t want to find out about such atrocious acts when it’s too late again.

Please sign, help get cameras installed in abattoirs and prevent more appalling animal abuse.
The petition can be found at the following address at www.change.org


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Elephants Used and Abused - Petition to help stop this!

Captive elephants in the metropolitan city of Mumbai need your help. They are cruelly mistreated, forced to carry heavy loads for miles in extreme weather and are exposed to unnatural dangers like car accidents.

The city is no place for elephants. Mumbai technically does have a ban on elephants, but it is not being enforced. This must change. »
In 2007, the Minister of Environment and Forests approved a proposal that offered protection for these animals, but nothing came to fruition.
This time, we need action. Tell the Minister to at last relieve elephants from their torturous and unnatural urban lives. »

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Face of Dogfighting: One Dog's Incredible Journey

Report dogfighting whenever, and where ever, you believe it is being held, and help stop this disgusting, inhumane practice!

Simple Minds "Love Song"

Timeless music to get you up and dancing!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lenny Kravitz - Let Love Rule

Ufo in Belgium chased by air force F16's

"Belgium in the early 1990's had a massive wave of ufo sightings all over the country. The belgium government finally came out and told the public about the issue and said about an incident where they scrambled belgium air force F16's to intercept one of these objects eventually one aircraft had a lock on to the object and then it zipped off out of sight at thousands of miles an hour."

UFO in NYC: Aliens or balloons in New York sky?

UFO captured on Camera in Fort Worth, Texas

UFO reported on the News! Interesting that the UFO (or should I say the UFO inhabitants) seem to be watching what this woman hunter is up to?! Wonder if she's seen the "Predators" films? Then she might want to put down her gun and let the deers live?!! Whether you believe in UFO's or not, this is certainly an interesting clip!

paranormal creatures part 2

There are still many creatures being discovered, both in wilderness areas on land and in the oceans. Some of the images in this clip may be fake, however, it reminds us that life is amazing, weird sometimes, but always miraculous! We need to take care of our world so that any currently undiscovered animal, is not lost before it is found.

Dog saves Abandoned Baby

This is beautiful!

dog found after 9 years and 2000 km

The story that the owners had left the dog with friends, and then the dog ran away... and the owners just thought they would never see her again, sounds a lot like they didn't do much to try and locate this poor little dog. Maybe instead of giving her back the original owners, they should find this sweet dog the best home possible!

Dog Saves Veteran From Suicide David Sharpe & Cheyenne

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Save a life! Adopt an animal from a shelter!


If you have been considering getting a new furry member of the family, adopt from a pet shelter. Older animals often have been assessed for personality and temperament so you know whether they will get along with other animals and children, or prefer the quiet life - just you and them. Some other benefits of adopting an older animal is that you can immediately see what type of personality they possess, and most are experts at doing their business in the "right" place! :)

Definitely avoid buying pets online. Buying online, or from unauthorized/unethical breeders, helps to encourage the terrible, cruel practice of puppy and kitten mills, where breeding animals are trapped their entire lives in tiny cages, never to see the sun, or run on the grass. Never to feel the kindness of a caring hug or pat. Never to know what it is to play or be loved except for the few brief weeks that they have their babies with them. They are often treated cruelly and killed with the same callousness.

Never give away your pet free to a "good home" or advertise pets online on forums like Craigs List, as these animals are often discarded or abused, or worse, end up as bait animals for the dogfighting industry. If you must surrender your animal, seek out a no-kill shelter and pay a small surrender fee to give this living, sweet being another chance at a good life and a loving home.

Never adopt a pet unless you are ready to make a commitment for their whole life, even if this means ten, twenty or more years. An adopted animal is an adopted member of your household and needs to be treated with love and respect as all members of your household deserve.

Consider the number of animals, variety, and temperaments, that will most comfortably work in with your lifestyle. If you can't adopt more animals, or cannot adopt an animal at all due to rental lease agreements, consider helping out at a local shelter, or maybe set up a website or blog to help promote and educate about animal welfare. Your contribution of effort, donations, or time, no matter how small, will make a difference to these innocent lives.

However, if you decide to adopt an animal, and have considered you are up to the responsibility of providing a loving home for the rest of their lives; the joy and love this will bring you, will outweigh any costs or effort needed to care for this special member of your family. Love knows no bounds!
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