Friday, July 20, 2012

Pig walks on two legs - See video!!!

"A pig who can walk on two legs has become a local celebrity in China.She is known by villagers as "Zhu Jianqiang" (Strong-willed Pig) after she was born with only two front legs and learned to balance on them well enough to walk.According to her owner, Wang Xihai, she was one of nine piglets born in a litter. He said: "My wife asked me to dump her but I refused as it's a life. I thought I should give her a chance to survive and unexpectedly she survived healthy."Several days after her birth Wang decided to train the two-legged piglet to walk by lifting it up by her tail. He said: "I trained her for a while each day. After 30 days she can now walk upside down quite well."Wang said since the birth of the pig, his home has been besieged by visitors. A circus even offered to buy for the pig for a large sum but Wang refused to sell. "She proved to us that no matter what form life is it should continue to live on. I won't sell it no matter how much the offer is." ♥

Photo: Rex Features. via The Telegraph

Publisher's Note: I'd like to see someone donate one of the special carts like those made for dogs and cats who are missing limbs, so this pig can get around without having to do handstands. What a beautiful pig! Stay safe gorgeous porcine.

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