Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stop the construction of new animal experimentation (and animal torture) facility. Please sign...

Stop the construction of new UBC animal experimentation facility. Please sign below. Animal experimentation is legalized and science sanctioned animal torture and cruelty. There are more efficient, cost effective, quicker, and certainly more humane ways of determining drugs and procedures effectiveness (For example human cell cultures and clinical trials).

Target: The President of University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus

Sponsored by: Concerned care2 members

UBC (University of British Columbia) Is planning the construction of a new 4500 sq. ft animal research facility at the Okanagan. Brian Vincent, member of a non profit organization called "Stop UBC Animal Research" says that UBC went out of their way to keep details of this facility secret.

Chris Harvey-Clark, veterinarian and Director of UBC's animal care says that 95 percent of animal testing will be done on mice and fish,and when possible, experimentation will be done on cell cultures and with computer programs.Activists are not convinced about the reassurances from a program kept in the dark.

In 1998 there were around 1.8 million animals used in research, since then, this number has risen to over 2 million, and UBC is leading the growth in animal research.

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