Monday, April 16, 2012

Saving A Beautiful Wolf From Icy Waters - Inspirational video

A translation from Italian which appears in the video, has been provided here by Gabriella.

The wolf saved from the icy waters of Limentra (Bolognese Apennines, January 9), will live. But he still needs of treatment before he can finally listen to the call of the wild. Meanwhile he already has a name, Navarre, as the young hero of Ladyhawke, struck by an evil spell in the film-fable.

Proud and reserved, he is also meek, for more than ten days, the treatments and the analysis in the center for exotic wildlife and wildlife recovery of Monte Adone, who were assisted in the care of Navarre by a medical team and the hospitals in the area.

He underwent it to IV drips, X-ray, MRI, cardiology visits and blood tests, cured 24 hours of 24, treated with acupuncture. And Navarre show itself immediately showed the best of the patients.

The wolf, an adult of about 6 years, was brought by volunteers to shore, saved from certain death after it, had stunned into the river from the sedative shot by the intervention group, made up of volunteers and agents of Provincial Police. From the radiographs showed that other shots, other than a good end to sedate, had hit Navarre in recent months: about 35 lead pellets of 4 mm had sink into all over the body, without causing him serious injuries. One factor that certainly helped to make him still so weak, along with an infectious inflammation which led to a near paralysis of hind legs.

The treatment to which he is subjected is following to a precise protocol and are following from the day on which Navarre, after suffering cardiac massage and mouth to mouth resuscitation on the the pebbly shore, was lying in front of the fireplace of a nearby house.

"When we saw that he recovered - tell the volunteers that day Limentra dived in - it was a joy. We were afraid he would die. Navarre is patient, he shows that he is strong and with a great desire to live. All physical parameters are gradually improving. Now our objective is to send him back from his pack.

To Navarre will touch as soon as possible the same fate of Isabel, the wolf that was saved by the rescue center in 2005, treated and released into his habitat. They are not in the same pack and they never will meet as in Ladyhawke. But it is always a fairy tale ending.

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