Saturday, April 29, 2017

Amazing Octopus - Most Intelligent Animal on Earth? (documentary)

Duration: 45 minutes - Fascinating documentary. After this video, you'll never think about the octopus the same.

In this thought-provoking documentary, see how octopuses behave in the wild and how they deal with abstract concepts and challenges.

"The octopus uses cognitive reasoning to make deductions and understand its environment. It can shape shift, change colour and texture on the fly to blend in with its surroundings to become either predator or defend itself from becoming prey.

In one experiment we see an octopus wrap its tentacles around a screw-top jar that has a crab inside it. In slow but determined fashion, the octopus successfully opens the jar to get to its prey. The jar is unlike anything it would encounter in the wild - the octopus has used cognitive reasoning, not instinct, to catch its well-deserved lunch.

The octopus has lived side-by-side with humankind from our earliest days. But it's only now that we're beginning to unravel the animal's secrets, and the extent of its formidable brain-power.

Watch as an octopus slips out of its tank and slithers casually across a concrete floor. Is it making a break for freedom? Not at all. It knows that its prey is just a short distance away in another tank.

As we learn, the octopus can move on land as well as underwater and the little round trip it has taken is not just to get from point A to point B. It's also taking this little detour because it's curious about the world it is living in.

It's hard to believe that this animal is simply a mollusk. As far as his family tree goes, the octopus is more closely related to an oyster or a snail than to any other species of animal.

And yet, as octopuses behave like shape shifters, moving in and out of tiny openings to get their reward, they are working out solutions the way humans do.

Amazingly, with all its high intellect and amazing traits, the octopus has never become king of the sea. Researchers think that it's because of the female's short life span. They give up everything, including their life, for their eggs.

Just how has an animal that is so different from humans become so intelligent?"

From Spain to Vancouver Island and finally to Capri, Italy, follow scientists as they try to understand how the octopus has evolved to have such intelligence, even by our standards.

The Animal Contract (part 2)

The second part of an important animal welfare documentary series. This series may be over 20 years old, but is, unfortunately, still relevant. This complete series needs to be repeated on tv.

"The Animal Contract" part 1 (duration 15 minutes)

Before the internet, this is how many of us found out what humans were doing to animals.