Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Video of the Year! Dogs and a cat that thinks it's dog!

If this animal vid doesn't make you smile, you haven't got a pulse! Watch a posse of happy dogs and one cat who thinks he's dog, partying at the beach! :D

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Help Stop Horrendous Abuse to Elephants, Lions and Other Exotic Animals

Please sign and share this petition and help stop this cruel treatment of these poor animals currently destined to endure a lifetime of suffering. In order to "train" wild animals to perform, they are abused, and reactions are attained using negative reinforcement from humans physically striking them using their hands, whips, and bullhooks; often electric shock prods are also used. Animals that are forced to perform during entertainment shows are housed in small, temporary facilities and/or also restricted via chains to minimize mobility. Also, during arduous journeys between performance locations, they're again housed in cramped areas and elephants are also chained. During travel, the creatures are forced to live in their feces and urine.

Please sign and share the petition found at this link.

All of this abuse, living conditions, and overall inhumane treatment of wild animals leads to physical ailments, stress, trauma and often leads to death. There have been several documented cases of circus animals having physical injuries from bullhooks, diseases, lack of veterinary care, and mental stress that is portrayed by the body pacing, rocking, swaying heads; all of this leads to animals "snapping" and posing threat to the public, which leads to animals being gunned down in cities.

Almost 30 countries have taken action to end animal cruelty that stems from traveling circuses and it's time for the U.S. to do so as well. I understand circuses have been a part of our culture, but we shouldn't subject animals to a lifetime of trauma and a grueling death for the sake of entertainment.

Petition and information provided by Valeria Garcia, more details at the petition location here.