Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Probably the most important videos you will ever watch!

We only have one small planet to take care of, and we are killing it. We need to change our ways immediately, if all living things that depend on our beautiful world, including humans, are to survive. A must-see!

Another video about mother earth, similar to the first video in this post, but with other important factors and information covered.

A stunning video showing the diversity and wonder of the amazing planet, we call home.

Koko the Gorilla Meets Robin William - Touching and insightful video!

Koko is extremely proficient in (human) sign language. 'Carers for the world's most intelligent gorilla claim she was 'close to tears' following news of Robin Williams' death - 13 years after video captured the two becoming fast friends." Story here.

Who says other animals, other than human animals, don't feel emotion?!

Amazing video! Orangutan and deaf girl sign to each other, talking together over the internet!

During this conversation, they even talk about the #palmoil industry! Worth watching and sharing!