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Giant "Super Trawler" on way to decimate Australian waters! Please sign petition....

..to protect Australian oceanic ecosystem from destruction! This "Super-Trawler - Factory" has already removed fish stocks and sea life from West African waters, and now this trawler is on its way to Australia to do the same. The plan is to remove 1800 tonnes of "target" fish (also killing thousands of tonnes more "waste" or "non-target" fish) from Australian waters between South-East and Western Australia to sell to West Africa whose waters have been emptied by the same super-trawlers! Please help stop the rape of Australian oceans! Add your voice to say no before it's too late!

Senegal has banned super-trawlers after its waters were plundered by these "Oceanic Killer" vessels. This petition is to urge the Australian Government to also ban these huge trawler-factories, before it's too late! Tell the Australian Prime Minister to ban super trawlers from Australian waters! Further articles on this devastating threat to oceanic survival can be found beneath the embedded petition.

UPDATE! Australian Federal Labor Government announced on 11/9/2012 that it intends to ban this vessel from fishing in Australian waters for two years. During that time, further research on the effects of these trawlers on oceanic ecosystems will be acquired. A temporary victory due to public pressure and the petitions signed, but still a significant one! Congratulations to everyone who signed and "shouted loud enough" for the government to hear! But we must remain vigilant to ensure that this super-trawler does not get a chance to wreak havoc with the Australian oceanic ecosystem in two years time!

Please also sign Get Up petition to stop the super-trawler here - http://www.communityrun.org/petitions/stop-giant-fishing-trawler-in-tasmania/

"Ocean Killer: This 'Super Trawler' Is a 465-Foot Floating Factory Farm" by Elissa Sursara

Fourteen state and national organizations across Australia, including Greenpeace, have partnered to push back against the FV Margiris—a 465-foot fishing vessel encroaching a pristine Australian coastline and targeting vulnerable fish stocks.

"It has a vacuum-like ability to catch and process fish in a maximum capacity—not unlike a floating factory farm."

The Margiris, part of a heavily subsidized European trawler fleet responsible for leaving behind a wake of dead fisheries from Europe to Africa and across the South Pacific, has raised concerns among marine conservationists, charter boat operators, and recreational fishermen who believe that welcoming giant fishing vessels sets a dangerous precedent that Australian waters and beyond are open to exploitive fishing.

One hundred forty two meters in length, the FV Margiris, dubbed by Greenpeace and Environment Tasmania as the ‘scary super trawler,’ is the second largest super trawler in the world. It has a vacuum-like ability to catch and process fish in a maximum capacity—not unlike a floating factory farm. Due to arrive in Tasmanian waters in August, the Margiris will net up to 18,000 tonnes of baitfish for export to Nigeria and parts of Asia for $1 per kilogram for human consumption. The vessel’s primary bait includes small jack mackerel, a species in a critical population state.

In addition, the vessel’s poorly regulated fishing capabilities do not discriminate against larger and often protected marine species like sharks, seals, dolphins, manatees and turtles that can become entangled in trawl nets and are later ejected from the vessel, dead or dying, as “waste products.”

Humans, too, suffer at the hands of trawl vessels like the Margiris. It destroyed important fish stocks in Europe, Africa, and the South Pacific during a recent brutal 18-month period. As a result, the Margiris and all other super trawlers were unanimously banned from operating in the waters off Senegal.

But no such preemptive action has been taken in Australia.

In July 2011, the Australian Government and the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) confirmed it was processing the appropriate documents to “hurriedly” approve the controversial Margiris’ entry into Tasmanian waters.

Though AFMA claimed it would apply strict management regulations to the Margiris vessel (should it be granted full permission), conservationists and marine scientists believe the fisheries’ assurances are nothing more than national green washing; they believe the government has failed to propose viable management and regulation schemes and has consistently failed to apply current marine population data to the Magiris’ catch quotas, using only outdated data that, in reality, fails to reflect and safeguard more than five years of fish stock depletion.

But every cloud and fishing vessel has a silver lining.

According to Melbourne-based fisheries expert Malcolm John Moore, citizen- and community-run protest activism can and does influence government decisions, as was the case in Senegal, where, after community protests hit a political nerve, the Margiris was strictly banned.

Later, campaigners from global organizations in 2011 and 2012 confronted the Margiris as it pillaged waters in Mauritania. In early 2012, joint efforts from individuals and organizations obstructed the vessel as it fished in the Netherlands, significantly damaging quotas and calling on the attention of surrounding governments to investigate the vessel’s sustainability.

Further, lobbying and petitioning governing bodies to end subsidies and other financial assistance for destructive fishing vessels has the greatest impact on trawl fisheries, which otherwise cannot operate. Removing government and taxpayer money from these economic and business sectors halt the expansion of large commercial fishing operations and significantly obstruct their ability to operate—and all it takes is a signature.

Follow this link to virtually sign your name to Greenpeace’s collaborative No Supertrawler campaign and encourage the Australian Government and AFMA to set a precedent for the rest of the world, and to say: No supertrawler. Not here. Not anywhere. Original Article can be found here.

Why this issue and petition is important?!

One of the world’s biggest fishing trawlers with a history of over exploiting fish stocks, the FV Margiris, wants to trawl for small pelagic fish – some of the most critical species in our marine ecosystem. Small pelagic fishing around Tasmania already has a bad record. The surface schools of jack mackerel that were once common off southeast Tasmania have not returned after the collapse of that fishery over 20 years ago.

The fish are a vital food source for important species like the critically endangered southern bluefin tuna, marine mammals, seabirds and game fish. Trawlers like this not only catch the target species, they also get tonnes of bycatch - unwanted marine life like dolphins, seals and seabirds, that gets thrown back dead.

This fishing trawler is the opposite of the fishing activities we need to ensure healthy oceans and healthy communities – we need better valued seafood that doesn’t rely on government subsidies, sustainable employment for local fishermen, science based fisheries management, and no unwanted by-catch.

Learn more at http://stopthetrawler.net

Follow us on twitter @stopthetrawler

ABC RADIO NATIONAL PROGRAM ON SUPER-TRAWLER - here to download or read full transcript.

Tasmania’s fishers are up in arms over the arrival of a Dutch super trawler, the FV Margiris. These boats are blamed around the world for overfishing and Tasmania’s anglers are convinced the super trawler will deplete local populations of fish and in doing so drive away the prized blue-fin tuna. Australia’s fishing regulator says the quota is based on sound science, and they say they’ll be able to effectively police the catch. So who’s right? Reporter: Wendy Carlisle

Check out link to Radio National Program above for complete program transcript and audio download.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Don't use rhino horn, chew your fingernails instead...

..it's made of exactly the same stuff...keratin! Help stop the barbaric and uncivilized trade, and use, of rhino horn. People would not be so keen to risk life behind bars or worse, just for a big pile of nail clippings! Let people know that rhino horn possesses no magical cure, as much as eating a big pile of rhino hair, or human hair would, for that matter! (Hair, horns, hooves, and nails of all animal species are made from keratin).

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A surprise twist and beautiful outcome to this dog story (video)

Family Surrenders Pet to be Euthanized But Tearful Goodbye Moves Vet to do Surgery for Free

After their beloved dog fell on a spike, and home remedies only prolonged its suffering, the family decided to surrender the pet to the SPCA to be put down.

In a final goodbye, the family's father looked into Kayla's eyes, apologizing for being too poor to care for her and begged the dog to forgive him for his shortcomings.

After the family began coming to terms with their loss, two weeks later, they received the surprise of a lifetime.

The shelter was so moved by Frank Martinez's tear-filled goodbye, they decided to provide Kayla with the care she needed free of charge.

(WATCH the video below, or READ the story at Paw Nation)

Mike Vick - Notorious dogfighter has no regrets (video) and action plan..

Michael Vick is still getting sponsorships despite his unspeakable cruelty to dogs. To see a list of all endorsements and sponsorship supporting barbaric animal torturer and killer.

"ACTION CREATED BY http://www.causes.com/causes/789964-consumer-boycott-of-all-companies-who-sponsor-promote-or-endorse-michael-vick/actions/1675641

Consumers United call to Boycott all Companies and their affiliates who pay, promote, support or endorse Michael Vick and Michael Vick merchandise.

We are Boycotting -

the NFL and JC Penney

Nike and it's affiliates: Cole Haan, Converse, Jordan Brand, Hurley, Roxy and Umbro

Subway and BET

Modell's Sporting Goods

Two Affix Public Relations


The Core Media Group

Hallmark Stores

Bleacher Creature Toys


The hilarious Norm MacDonald shows how Michael Vick's supposed contrition and remorse are all just a big sham... Sad Bill Cosby looks on disapprovingly.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Rare Sand Kittens Born in Israel - video here...

Although she's cute as a button, she's not just a pretty face. This kitten and her three siblings are truly another breed of cat, especially here in Israel. Keren Or of Ramat Gan Safari Park explains. SOUNDBITE: Keren Or, Zoological Information Coordinator In Ramat Gan Safari Park, saying (English) "Sand cat is an extinct species in Israel, although in the world it's not extinct, it's nearly threatened. But here in Israel it has been extinct because it was pushed away from the sand by other mammals." The international family consists of mom Rotem from Germany, dad Sela from Poland and of course the four youngsters born in Israel. Sand cats are true desert cats that have a high mortality rate among newborns in captivity. But at three weeks these kittens are doing fine mainly thanks to Rotem. And clearly all that cat rearing works up an appetite.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Amazing Octopus! Did you know they build gardens?! (video)

The extraordinary, intelligent octopus wields tools, uses armour, and builds gardens!!! Two articles and videos showing the octopus doing just that! Second video shows a large octopus fighting a shark, and guess who gets off second best?!!

A tool-wielding octopus? This invertebrate builds armor from coconut halves.

A clever octopus made headlines earlier this year after it swiftly disassembled part of its tank at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium in California. But out in the open ocean its relative, the veined octopus (Amphioctopus marginatus), has upped the cephalopod intelligence quotient by using coconut shells as tools.

The dexterous octopuses were observed stockpiling discarded coconut halves, carrying them (with some difficulty), and later using the oversize pieces to build a protective armored covering, reports a team of researchers in Australia and the U.K. in a paper published online today in Current Biology.

But might the undulating invertebrates just be making use of found objects like an ant transporting food on a leaf or a hermit crab crawling into an empty shell?
These are true tool users, the researchers assert, placing veined octopuses in the rare ranks of birds, chimpanzees, humans and a few other mammals that put objects to more complex use. The invertebrates indeed purposefully collect, transport and then assemble the coconut shells for deployment only when needed (see video below).
"There is a fundamental difference between picking up a nearby object and putting it over your head as protection versus collecting, arranging, transporting (awkwardly), and assembling portable armor as required," Mark Norman, of the Museum Victoria in Australia and paper co-author, said in a prepared statement. "The fact that the shell is carried for future use rather than as part of a specific task differentiates this behavior from other examples of object manipulation by octopuses, such as rocks being used to barricade lair entrances," the researchers wrote in their paper.

And even though they boast eight flexible legs and handy suction cups, the octopuses face challenges in carrying these coconut halves. To do so, they flip the shells—which are larger than the octopuses’ bodies—so that the open side is up and grasp it underneath with the upper part of their legs, holding it above the ground and walking stiffly on the soft substrate—an "ungainly" process the researchers call "stilt walking."

Indeed, one of the distinguishing features of this behavior is that carrying the shells is not an immediate advantage—but rather a burden and even a danger, leaving the animal more exposed to predators. But the risk seems to be worth the reward.
"While I have observed and videoed octopuses hiding in shells many times, I never expected to find an octopus that stacks multiple coconut shells and jogs across the seafloor carrying them," Julian Finn, of the Museum Victoria in Australia and also a co-author, said in a prepared statement.

After spending some 500 diver-hours over the course of 10 years, researchers off the coast of Indonesia observed several veined octopuses engaging in this behavior, with four instances of the animals carrying the coconut shells as far as 20 meters.
"I could tell that the octopus, busy manipulating coconut shells, was up to something, but I never expected it would pick up the stacked shells and run away," Finn said. "It was an extremely comical sight—I have never laughed so hard underwater."

Building an octopus’ garden in the shade: Octopuses collect coconut shells and use them to create protective armor.

(Above article and video care of Scientific American - http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/2009/12/14/a-tool-wielding-octopus-this-invertebrate-builds-armor-from-coconut-halves/ )

The common octopus would be unique for its appearance alone, with its massive bulbous head, large eyes, and eight distinctive arms. But by far the most striking characteristic of the octopus is the wide array of techniques it uses to avoid or thwart attackers.

Its first—and most amazing—line of defense is its ability to hide in plain sight. Using a network of pigment cells and specialized muscles in its skin, the common octopus can almost instantaneously match the colors, patterns, and even textures of its surroundings. Predators such as sharks, eels, and dolphins swim by without even noticing it.

When discovered, an octopus will release a cloud of black ink to obscure its attacker's view, giving it time to swim away. The ink even contains a substance that dulls a predator's sense of smell, making the fleeing octopus harder to track. Fast swimmers, they can jet forward by expelling water through their mantles. And their soft bodies can squeeze into impossibly small cracks and crevices where predators can't follow.

If all else fails, an octopus can lose an arm to escape a predator's grasp and regrow it later with no permanent damage. They also have beaklike jaws that can deliver a nasty bite, and venomous saliva, used mainly for subduing prey.
Considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates, the common octopus is found in the tropical and temperate waters of the world’s oceans. They can grow to about 4.3 feet (1.3 meters) in length and weigh up to 22 pounds (10 kilograms), although averages are much smaller. They prey on crabs, crayfish, and mollusks, and will sometimes use their ink to disorient their victims before attacking.

(The above article and video care of National Geographic - http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/invertebrates/common-octopus/)

"The Hawaiians; Warriors of Paradise (documentary)

Watch this documentary for free here. We welcome your reviews and feedback on this documentary - just add them to the comment section below.

Due to Lady Gaga's support for fur, her music has been removed from our blog...

On discovering Lady Gaga's support for fur, GMP decided it was not in keeping with our morals and ethics to promote her music on this blog so a post containing her music has been removed.

Dalmation adopts spotted lamb (video)

Very sweet story about a spotted dog caring for a spotted lamb rejected by its mother. South Australia's Barossa Valley. (Aug. 10)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Homeless Man's Dog Shot by New York Police Officer for Barking!

(update now below this original article) On Monday afternoon, in the midst of the crowded streets and sidewalks near Union Square in N.Y., police opened fire on a pit bull mix who was barking at passersby in front of a KFC restaurant.

According to the New York Observer, the dog was a regular fixture in front of the KFC. His owner, a homeless man, spent his days in the same location. Those who knew the pair stated that the dog was never a problem.

But today, the homeless man was passed out and the dog was barking - perhaps barking protectively because of his unconscious guardian.

A witness stated that the police tried to mace the barking dog and in response, the dog lunged.

The officer responded by pulling a gun and shooting the dog.

Unfortunately for the dog, and those with the misfortune of being in the area, the dog did not die quickly. Instead, the grievously wounded dog was writhing in pain on the ground as witnesses allegedly pleaded for the officer to put him out of his misery.

But the dog was not shot again...instead, he was left to die a slow, agonizing death.

Those people familiar with the man and his dog wonder who this officer was. They surmise that he must have been new to the area because the officers who typically patrol this area would know the pair - and know that they were not a danger to the public.

Article courtesy of the Examiner

The Lexus project released a statement updating the public on Star the dog shot by a NYPD officer while she was protecting her owner Lech Stankiewicz.

Stankiewicz suffered an epileptic seizure leaving him immobile and lying partially in an east village street in New York, earlier this week.

Star survived the gun shot and was taken to Animal Care and Control (ACC) of NYC, but the public quickly became concerned about Star’s health and welfare after ACC remained silent about her intake. The public started questioning ACC’s motives for their silence, and Amanda Lewis and Sasha Sabbeth reached out to the Lexus project to help them get answers on the health and welfare of the now famous Star.

Lexus project released this statement about Star earlier today; “We know that so many of you are concerned, worried and outraged about Star. This is an update and although I know you want more but please respect this is all we are permitted to say at this time. Star is very much alive and receiving medical care and holding her own. We will update as soon as we are permitted to. Thank you for your support and understanding.”

The Lexus project was founded in 2009 after a high prey greyhound named Lexus was declared a vicious dog. Lexus sat on death row in a Rhode Island kill shelter waiting to be put down. Robin Mittasch read her story and asked her husband Richard Rosenthal, an attorney to motion for her release.

The Lexus project is now a law firm for dogs. They provide legal defense on a case by case basis for dogs they believe are improperly or unfairly facing dangerous dog designations or euthanasia.

With the Lexus project on Star’s case, the public may get some much needed answers.
(more information here - http://www.examiner.com/article/lexus-project-releases-update-on-star-the-dog-shot-by-nypd

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Today is World Elephant Day!

It's estimated that tens of thousands of elephants are being killed each year for their tusks (since legalized trade of ivory has been reintroduced). Adopt an elephant on World Elephant Day and help WWF secure their future. Also speak out against the legal sale of ivory and elephant culling.
Today is World Elephant Day. To mark the day, help WWF protect these majestic giants by 'adopting' an elephant. Your adoption will help us ensure the survival of elephants in the wild by restoring habitats and funding anti-poaching patrols. http://wwfau.org/Mpk36o

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Video exposing the flaws in a new book "Vegetarian Myth"

Whether you like this guys style of communicating or not, his insights into the healthy benefits of the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle is well-based in fact. This clip is really worth listening to. The original title of this clip - "Vegetarian Myth" Debunked - ("Vegetarian Myth" is a book by a woman who was a vegan for 20 years who now is advocating a meat diet!). If you want to find out more about meat and the animal welfare issues involved, check out the "Hope and Joy Network" - Meet your meat section here. (beware - graphic images and videos of the meat industry are located at this link.)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Land of free speech until you say something they don't like...

This man has been arrested, not because he has hurt anyone, or intends to hurt anyone, but because he was holding two signs that talked about the corruption of banks! For this, in the "land of the free", he was arrested and his freedom was taken from him - in a country of "free speech" he was arrested, for speaking! Money not only talks, but only permits those to talk that agrees with it! Where are the basic rights of a human being to speak out?

United We Stand For Truth & Justice
Drop the charges against Pennsylvania’s Occupy movements David C. Gorczynski. He was arrested and charged with two felonies for holding two signs saying “You’re being robbed” and another that said “Give a man a gun, he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he can rob a country.” Gorczunski is being charged with bank robbery and terroristic threatening. He was released on $10,000 bail. Tell every police officer you see, spread this through Facebook, and every other social media source, tell your representatives that this is not acceptable.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Please help stop this abhorrent cruelty towards dogs in the name of (pseudo) science!

Dr. Euishin Edmund Kim: Stop promoting dog meat as cancer treatment aid and prevention! (petition link below) - Please take action...

Dr. Euishin Edmund Kim: Stop promoting dog meat as cancer treatment aid and prevention!
PETITION TARGET>> Dr. Euishin Edmund Kim (The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center)
LINK: http://www.change.org/petitions/dr-euishin-edmund-kim-stop-promoting-dog-meat-as-cancer-treatment-aid-and-prevention

As a man of science and a Christian, it is very disappointing that you would promote dog meat for cancer treatment and prevention based on an observation of only 2 people. You have stated in an interview with the S. Korean Newspaper, JoongAng Ilbo, published on 6/23/2012 (http://joongang.joinsmsn.com/article/aid/2012/06/23/8175843.html?cloc=nnc) that you recommend dog meat to cancer patients undergoing treatment and also as a cancer preventative and that when you observed 2 cancer patients, one who ate whole bunch of dog meat had a better result from the treatment.

Over two million South Korean dogs are electrocuted, strangled, or beaten to death each year killed in the cruelest ways imaginable, because of the insidious myth that the more an animal suffers, the more tender and tasty the meat and that so-called medicinal properties will be enhanced. Medical doctors such yourself are recommending dog meat to patients as a health remedies for all kinds of illnesses without any real scientific proof to support those claims. Thousands of cats are also slaughtered for soups and "health" tonics. While the animal advocates within South Korea and around the world are trying to get the South Korean government to ban this horrific cruelty to the man's best friends, educated medical doctors such as yourself are doing disservice to the patients who are desperate and willing to try anything to relieve themselves of their illnesses. Dogs tortured, abused, terrified, sick, imprisoned in tiny disgusting cages and fed rotten garbage all their lives can not be good for anyone especially the cancer patients and this fact was exposed alreadly through South Korean consumer TV programs. Please retract your recommendation of dog meat as a part of cancer treatment and cancer preventative unless you can prove your claim other than the observation of 2 people.

While the practice of eating dogs and cats is not widely accepted in South Korea, it is crucial that the South Korean government ensure it is completely eradicated. Caring citizens around the world, including South Koreans, cannot remain silent as dogs and cats are beaten and burned to death for a tastier meal and suffer agonizing deaths.

As a respected person of science and medicine, please do your part in this critical issue by only making the claims that can be scientifically proven and help ban the selling and killing of dogs and cats for food and medicinal products. If not for compassion, than for the sake of your country's global image.


Source: http://joongang.joinsmsn.com/article/aid/2012/06/23/8175843.html?cloc=nnc

South Korea's Dog Meat Industry (Click "CC" button on the bottom right corner of the screen for English caption):

http://youtu.be/xTZ_Ln_ywR4 (Part 1)

http://youtu.be/iAIE9OaH37c (Part 2)

http://youtu.be/hXe3GV0GOB4 (Part 3)

http://youtu.be/_JPYK3yTqWY (Part 4)

Dr. Kim: http://faculty.mdanderson.org/Euishin_Kim/Default.asp?SNID=0
Petition Created By: Hyunjin Kim

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Say no to horse abuse (Rollkur) that causes :Hyperflexion

This is horrible, the name in rolkur, it affects the horses bones, and eventually after a while another bone develops and this causes like aurthoitus for humans, makes there necks very stiff, please share and make people aware

From creator of video - "Here is a quick but detailed video about Rollkur.
Sorry if your unable to read all the information as it has been made for me suitable to read, sorry if you are a slow reader, feel free to pause it !
I first heard of rollkur a few months ago, and I was shocked, it's so ugly, how can people even think that it looks good !?
Hope you found this video informative, please share it around so everyone can get to know about Rollkur and eventually put a stop to it!
Made by Booklou. Youtube I do NOT claim to own any of the audio in this video, IF the audio is taken or muted action will be taken and BOOKLOU has FULL permission to use it from the owner."

DVD - If Horses could speak - the movie, which shows the results of hyperflexion and false riding. Horses do not make a specific noise when they are in pain and yet with practice it is possible to read their state of health from their face and especially their eyes. One years work went into developing the unique 3-D animation which clearly demonstrates where false riding hurts and why. Gert Heuschmann, the author of Tug of Ware, explains clearly and comprehensibly.
The film makers, Hardy Martins ( Cascadeur - The Amber Chamber ), Bernhard Gassner and Pixomondo ( Jurassic park ) can normally be found in and around the world of cinema and documentary film.
Dr. med. vet. Gerhard Heuschmann - he is a vet, a rider and above all a true horse lover. He is the man, who currently pours all his energy into educating riders to develop an awareness of what is really needed to make their sport more horse friendly. He is not afraid to speak up for his cause and if need be to lend the horses his voice.
His book Tug of War Classical Versus Modern Dressage was published by Wu Wei Verlag, Schondorf.
First released at the end of 2006 exactly one year later the revised second edition is released including an open letter to the FEI, the FN and the German horse riding authorities. Over 25,000 copies have been sold to date making it one of the most successful horse books in recent years and it has so far been translated into 9 languages. It explains impressively and clearly what riders have to know so that their horses stay healthy. The DVD "IF HORSES COULD SPEAK" is the film to this famous book and it should persuade everybody, who is riding.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fur only looks good on the animals born with it. People dressed in fur look bulging and marred by their vanity and lack of compassion...

This post courtesy of Angels for Animals Network - Less than a week ago we launched a petition asking new company Skaist Taylor to stop selling FUR. - www.change.org/SkaistTaylor Please sign at the link provided to stop this cruelty.

Photograph of terrified animal taken out of its cage to be skinned for fur.

Despite the fact that our petition now has over 12,500 signatures (more than 8 times as many followers as they have on facebook), they have remained silent as they continue to delete any comments or feedback left on their posts. Fortunately, this is a new brand that should be eager to protect their growing image, so I feel very confident that we can continue to educate these clueless women and encourage them to go cruelty-free & fur-free before they launch their next line! PLEASE sign and share the petition, and boycott Skaist Taylor until they pledge to go fur-free. Thank you!

Fur only looks beautiful on the animals born with it. For those who drape themselves in the fur of animals brutally raised and slaughtered, it is a mark of their vanity, and their lack of compassion - these animals suffered cruel lives and even more cruel deaths so these people can look fat and fluffy!

For all those having a birthday today, including my awesome friend Barry, and Sam Worthington...

Darth Vadar singing Happy Birthday (video)! Who would have thought it?!