Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tiger Protection Petition - Tigers threatened by Deutsche Bank

Only 1.800 Bengal tigers can be found in India today. Their last habitats are threatened by Coal India. The biggest coal miner in the world plans the establishment of new coal mines right next to the last tiger reserves. - Sign petition here and please share.

Deutsche Bank is helping Coal India to finance the construction of these coal mines. Please sign our letter of protest and ask Deutsche Bank to cut ties with Coal India.

Petition shared by Klaus Schenck - Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald e.V.

The Indian state-controlled coal mining company Coal India needs money to persue the construction of new coal mines. The company has mandated Deutsche Bank to organise the increase of capital in return for stock worth a total of US $ 1 billion. Coal India is not only the largest company in the world in terms of coal production, it is also one of the worst. It has forcibly displaced forest communities, destroyed critical tiger habitat and even used child labour.

In Central India, thirteen new coal mines and numerous coal-fired power plants are about to be constructed. Greenpeace India has researched the effects of these construction projects on the tigers. About 1.1 million hectares of tropical rainforest and at least ten tiger sanctuaries are at stake.

The environmental officer of a subsidiary of Coal India, Mr. Shinde, makes it simple: “We have to choose if we want electricity or we want tigers.” Environmentalists and locals strongly oppose the project due to its negative impact on the tigers.

Deutsche Bank, however, has made a decision against the tigers. They have hoped that helping to finance environmental destruction would go unnoticed. The bank’s support for Coal India can only be stopped by public backlash.

Please help us to change Deutsche Bank’s view on this issue. Sign our letter of protest and force Deutsche Bank to rethink their decision and to cut ties with Coal India.

Start of campaign: Sep 20, 2013

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