Sunday, September 29, 2013

Help stop the cruelty that is Live Animal Export

With a new Australian Prime Minister in office, now is the best time to convince Australia to permanently ban all live animal exports. For that to happen, we must show the new government that there is strong public support for ending this cruelty.

Former Australian Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig defended live animal exports, calling shocking footage from Egypt an "anomaly". It's been seven years since the government first issued an identical statement, yet evidence of cruel and malicious export practice still surfaces regularly.

We watched shocking videos of terrified Australian cattle who were shipped to Egypt, having their eyes stabbed, tendons slashed, throats cut open, and bodies otherwise tortured while they were still alive!

This is not a practice Australia should be associated with and cattle are not the only species that suffer. Australian livestock groups have called on the government to exclude Egypt from our live export trade agreements, and even that doesn't quite tackle the principle of the issue.

Tell the Ministry of Agriculture that we need to forego live exports for their viable alternatives, and we must act immediately before our country's credibility is tarnished even further.

Please sign and share this important petition.

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