Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Australian Greens promise to halt Live Animal Export if elected.

The Green Party's promise to halt Live Animal Export and set up an Independent Office of Animal Welfare if elected, is attracting attention of Aussie voters who care about animal welfare.
Animals Australia
GREAT NEWS! The Australian Greens today announced that if re-elected they will reintroduce legislation to end live export AND establish an Independent Office of Animal Welfare!(www.bit.ly/1fnvjtp) These two key policies have the potential to impact the lives of millions of animals – and with political support, could spell a revolutionary change (for the better!) in the way animals are treated in Australia. The Greens’ promise today will ensure that animal welfare becomes one of the first issues a new or re-elected government will be forced to consider. Find out what other parties are standing up for animals this election: www.AnimalsAustralia.org/election #BanLiveExport #AusPol

More here - www.AnimalsAustralia.org/election #BanLiveExport #AusPol

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