Sunday, September 29, 2013

NBC Sports show Host Guns Down Elephant for TV ratings and Ivory

In a recent episode of "Under Wild Skies," an NBC Sports show about big game hunting, the host (an NRA lobbyist) and his guide gun down a helpless bull elephant and take the ivory with them.

As if big game hunting wasn't disgusting enough on its own, it's horror is compounded when a national sports channel broadcasts the entire thing, and when the animal being hunted is under constant threat from cruel and relentless poachers. Sign and share the petition below and tell NBC Sports that you won't stand for this inhumane treatment of these majestic, intelligent animals.

In a recent episode of this show, the host and his guide stalk and shoot a bull elephant, who trumpets and writhes in pain, even charging after the two men. The host then shoots it again between the eyes. After the elephant falls, the two men stand next to the dead elephant to gloat about their "achievement." Upon returning to their camp, they discuss how "special" it is to bring back an elephant's ivory.

This show demonstrates an absolutely horrific lack of respect for wild animals in their own habitat, a lack of any kind of empathy for the suffering of these animals, and a complete ignorance of the problems facing these animals every day.

Please join the thousands of people who are voicing their outrage at this episode and this show. Tell NBC Sports to remove the show from their programming immediately! Please sign and share this petition.

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