Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sarajevo Residents Help Stray Dogs

Sarajevo Residents Feed Stray Dogs (Video)

by Sharon Seltzer
March 6, 2012

The extreme cold weather that hit Europe last month made life on the streets even more difficult for the estimated 3,000 stray dogs in Sarajevo, Bosnia. A state of emergency was called in the capital city as record levels of snow paralyzed the region. Strong winds and avalanches stranded people and helicopters were called in to drop off supplies.

On Sunday, February 5 an appeal was made for residents to venture into the cold and feed the stray dogs that had gone hungry for many days. The response was overwhelming as people brought food to share.

For years city authorities have claimed they were trying to raise enough money to build shelters for these poor animals.

Below is a heartwarming video of that special Sunday when the residents of Sarajevo helped the stray dogs.

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