Saturday, March 3, 2012

Police shoot ANOTHER dog on private property! Owners and their child horrified and distraught!

This is atrocious! Police shoot a dog AGAIN! And no punishment for police doing this on private property!

Target: New Mexico State Police
Sponsored by: Concerned Citizens

When Victoria Baca called the police to report that she had fallen victim to an internet scam, New Mexico State Police said they would come by her house. Baca asked the police to call before they came; instead, an officer arrived unannounced while Baca was out, ignored Baca's "Beware of Dog" sign, and hopped the fence to her property.

When Baca's dog, Jilly, approached the officer, he shot and killed her pet. Baca and her 4-year-old son arrived home to find Jilly dead on their front porch.

Though a spokesperson for the New Mexico State Police has apologized to Baca, the State Police claims "the officer was only acting in self defense" and that there is "no cause for disciplinary action."

Act now to tell the New Mexico State Police to conduct a full, impartial investigation into the shooting of Victoria Baca's dog, Jilly, and to appropriately discipline the officer in accordance with the findings of the investigation.

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