Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pets are not gifts, or disposable or returnable items! Pets are new lifelong members of your household.

"Every year in Australia over 250,000 healthy cats & dogs are euthanized,the majority are killed as a result of impulse buying (which supports irresponsible breeding).

Adoption (of shelter animals) should be the first option.

PLEASE SUPPORT OSCARS LAW, to stop puppy farms, backyard breeders and people who profit from animal cruelty. If a pet shop won't let you see the puppies mum, then you have to wonder is the cute puppy in the window hiding the cruelty that his mum is enduring - often in a cage where they cant even stand up! Trapped for all their breeding years without sunlight, grass, or kind human touch. And when their breeding years are finished, or they become too ill and need treatment, the way they are disposed of, is often as inhumane as the treatment they have suffered during their lifetime.

Be a voice for our furry friends, they need us!" (message from Paws on the Coast).
(Oscars Law is named after a kitten that was beaten to death with a baseball bat by a woman and her children in a park in the US.)

Pets are not gifts. They are special lives that deserve our love and respect. Our disposable society that views all things can be returned or got rid of if we do not feel that our choice suits us anymore, but this should NEVER apply to animals! If you return an animal, the reality is, they are likely to end up dead because of your decision. Only adopt from animal shelters or ethical pet stores such as Pet Headquarters at Blackwood Street, Mitchelton Brisbane, which are a rehoming centres for shelter animals. If you buy from breeders or let your animals breed (even if you find homes for your litters) you are unintentionally contributing to the death of other animals. Unless you can make a lifelong commitment ( for the pet's natural life, sometimes up to ten, twenty, or more years) to provide a safe, loving environment for a pet, despite your changing circumstances, then do not buy a pet.

Never buy online pets as they are usually sourced from puppy/kitten mills, where breeding animals spend their entire lives in tiny cages like battery hens, used to bred puppies and kittens for money, and the kittens and puppies not seen as "the right quality to be sold" are often killed brutally. The adults used for breeding are often maltreated and neglected, without proper medical treatment, and when they are no longer producing litters, killed or dumped. Be an advocate for animal welfare and be part of the solution.

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