Sunday, December 11, 2011

Classic Eighties Australian/New Zealand rock ballad - Mi-Sex " Blue Day"

A classic Australian/New Zealand (soft) rock song. The subject of depression is a relevant one for the holiday season. Many people on their own, feel a little left out or down, when they see others meeting up with family and friends during this time of year. Although I think many people who have dysfunctional families would happily trade their family get-togethers for a little alone time! :) However, jokes aside, sadness and loneliness is a societal problem which all of us can do something to help to ease. Now just because someone lives alone, or has been single for many years, does not mean they are sad and lonely. In fact, many are quite contented with this lifestyle, especially if they have made a conscious choice to live this way, however, for those who are obviously unhappy, we can do many things to help. Possibly give them a call and see how they are doing, ask to pop around for a visit, maybe send them a thoughtful card or present telling them how special they are to you? There are many different ways we can show people they are valuable and precious to us and the world, and this is the time to make that little effort to spread the love around.

If you or anyone else is down, now or at any time, the following website is an excellent aid to helping alleviate these feelings
It is natural to get sad or down, so don't think there is anything wrong with you when you do, but if you have persistent feelings of negativity, it may be time to learn new ways of seeing the world and yourself, develop new coping skills and perhaps get out and help those less fortunate than yourself (people, animals or environment) so you can see how fortunate and blessed you really are! :)

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