Friday, December 16, 2011

Petition to stop "artist" publicly killing animals as "art"!

In the petition photo, we see the "artist" holding a poor dog she has killed cruelly and publicly at the Torch Gallery! This woman and gallery deserve imprisonment and hefty fines for their psychopathic treatment of defenceless animals!

Torch Gallery supports Katinka Simonse, a would-be artist who horribly murders animals and calls it art. It is immoral and illegal to torture or kill animals in most of the EU to my knowledge, why should this be condoned in the name of so called Art? And is it legal to show these gruesome testaments to murder in a gallery? To condone this is inhumane and moreover, if you need another reason to bring these people to justice, consider the fact that this woman and those that support her are showing dangerous tendencies that could put children and other animals in danger. Help to stop this, and punish this cruel, intolerable behaviour.

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