Sunday, July 21, 2013

Live Export sending pregnant cows to horror death...

Due to a 'loophole' in the laws on exporting live animals, Australia was able to send thousands of pregnant dairy cows to die in Qatar. Photos and reports from two whistleblowers reveal that within one week, one in four of the animals died of thirst or malnutrition. Mothers watched as their baby cows died in agony.

Despite these photos and eye witness accounts, the Australian Government didn't investigate this incident because breeding animals are excluded from live export regulations. The dairy cows were pregnant when they were shipped, so they weren't part of any Government-sanctioned 'supply chain.' When breeding animals are shipped out of Australia, no one knows where they'll end up or what suffering they'll face.

So far, it looks like no one will be held accountable for the deaths of these animals, and nothing is stopping this from happening again -- unless we speak out! Please sign the petition below.

If you are an Australian citizen, call or email your local MP to tell them to close the loophole on exporting breeding (pregnant) animals!

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