Thursday, July 25, 2013

Help Stop Wild Duck Carnage (petition and article)

Stop Duck Shooting in Victoria, Australia
The barbaric and nonsensical killing and maiming of ducks in Victoria continues with the annual duck hunting season every year. Even though recreational duck shooting has been banned in QLD, NSW, the ACT and WA, the Victorian state government continues to support it. Aside from the cruelty and pain inflicted, duck shooting wounds as many birds as are actually killed. For every three birds killed one is wounded and left to die a slow and agonising death. For every ten ducks bagged six are crippled.

Endangering native bird populations and causing mass injury and suffering solely for the twisted pleasure of a minority of perverted individuals is irresponsible, unethical and immoral. This year's season saw over 200 rare and threatened Freckled and Blue bill ducks and 50 Swans killed.

In a 2012 survey three out of every four Victorians wanted recreational duck shooting banned.

As a veterinarian who has an ethical responsibility to animal welfare the Premier should be outraged at this totally senseless cruelty.

It is time that this barbaric practice which has for too long been misleadingly portrayed as a "sport" was stopped.

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