Friday, November 23, 2012

When you support a company, or research, that tests on animals...

this is what you are supporting! Know where your shopping dollars, or donation dollars, are being spent, and you can help to stop this absolutely horrendous, inhumane treatment of poor, innocent animals; animals which spend their entire lives suffering in pain and fear until their death caused by experiments, or killed after the data has been collected, and often, not even a humane death. (See the photo below)

During the Second World War, Nazi's tested on humans, using the most despicable research to "acquire knowledge". Now humanity encourages the breeding and capturing of animals from the wild to be used in horrific experiments that only serve to show that we have not progressed if we consider achieving our goals by ANY MEANS justifies abhorrent cruelty. There are efficient, faster, viable alternatives, but while billions of dollars are being made by companies involved in the breeding, capturing, and scientific torturing of animals, and enormous amounts of money made by companies that sell the food and equipment for lab animals, this will continue. While ignorance that animal testing is justified, this barbaric situation will continue. Be a force of good and buy only products that are not tested on animals, donate only to those charities that specify that they will test on animals, and we can halt this practice in our lifetime.

United People- Stop Animal Testing & Vivisection

Can you imagine the amount of suffering and fear this poor bunny is enduring? And this is only one example of the MILLIONS of animals that are used in research each year. Can this be classified as science or a horror film come to life? Check out this link.

In the UK alone - each day these animals die in research labs - Mice 7342 per day - one every 12 seconds; Fish 1545 per day - one every 56 seconds; Rats 744 per day - one every 1.9 minutes; Birds 466 per day - one every 3 minutes; Sheep 103 per day - one every 14 minutes; Rabbits 42 per day - one every 34 minutes; Amphibians
44 per day - one every 33 minutes; Guinea Pigs 32 per day - one every 46 minutes;
Dogs 12 per day - one every 115 minutes; Primates 7 per day - one every 3 1/2 hours;
Hamster 5 per day - one every 4 hours; Cattle 14 per day - one every 1 hour 43 minutes; Pigs 12 per day - one every 2 hours; Gerbils and other rodents
11 per day - one every 2 hours 15 minutes; Reptiles one every 23 hours; Cats
one every 37 hours. (In the US, many more animals die each day in constant pain and fear.)

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