Saturday, November 10, 2012

A beautiful video of dogs saved from Michael Vick convicted dog torturerer and killer

This gorgeous video shows how some dogs rescued from the horrific, brutal treatment of Michael Vick, went on to lives of nurturing and love. These happy dogs and their wonderful pet parents reveal how light can find its way out of the darkness. They all look so very happy! Truly inspiring!

It has been revealed recently that Michael Vick has now purchased another dog, although there could be more than one if he has hidden them like he did with the other dogs he previously tortured and killed. It is unbelievable, and reprehensible, that authorities have allowed a convicted dog torturer and murderer to own other dogs. Michael Vick was recently been awarded Sportsman of the Year in the US and granted substantial football contracts worth millions of dollars. Those that support and encourage this cruel man, and his terrible treatment of animals, bear the same shame and guilt as Michael Vick, for they are helping to reward and perpetuate barbarism towards innocent animals.

But back to the video which is joy to watch, GMP wishes all pictured a long, joyful, safe and loving life together! And thank you to those who have saved these beautiful dogs and made their lives one of heaven on earth! Huzzah! :)

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