Friday, September 21, 2012

Mary - the seeing eye cow!

We are all familiar with seeing eye dogs, but would you believe that there is a wonderful cow, who wasn't trained for such work, that took on the job of assisting her human friend to "see" when he lost his sight - a role she took on of her own freewill! Now who said cows weren't clever, or compassionate?

For Animals.
Mary, the seeing eye cow. Fate Magazine reported that a Reverend O. F. Robertson of Hartsville,Tennessee, had a seeing-eye cow. The cow in question Mary - became aware that the Reverend's eyesight was failing and began nudging him around the hilly farmland with her nose, making sure he didn't bump into things. As his eyesight worsened, Mary's diligence increased until she would accompany the Reverend whenever he went.Eventually almost totally blind, he depended on Mary the cow as his only help and until his death, the two could be seen making the rounds together, Mary steering him along the countryside.

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