Saturday, July 14, 2012

We live in a throw away society, and that includes animals...

People come up with all sorts of dump their animal at the pound or (kill) shelters. Because there are far too many animals (due to puppy mills, breeders, and irresponsible owners who do not have their pets desexed) and not enough responsible, caring individuals available to adopt these animals, each day (kill) shelters and pounds kill hundreds of healthy pets to make way for the huge daily influx of dumped/surrendered pets. The following video focuses on this topic and why we should have our pets neutered. A family pet is a family member, and as such deserves our commitment to care and provide for them for the duration of their natural lives, no matter what our changing circumstances. Do not support further breeding of companion animals, and adopt a pet rather than buy a specially bred animal. Figures show that almost fifty percent of animals that end up in shelters and pounds are pedigree animals, most of which do not get adopted and end up put to sleep. Breeding animals or supporting the breeding of further animals leads to this continual tragic cycle of waste of life.

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