Monday, July 2, 2012

Charlize Theron talks about Puppy Mills (video)

Every year millions of animals (world-wide) are killed in shelters due to the huge annual influx of puppies and kittens - too many animals and not enough people to adopt these animals capable of providing caring, responsible, forever homes. People who refuse to have their animals de-sexed also add to this problem, but puppy mills need to be banned. Animals who are used as "breeders" in these puppy mills (or kitten mills) spend their lives trapped in tiny cages, never knowing what it is like to feel the grass beneath their feet or sun on their face. They are often killed cruelly or dumped when they can no longer breed, and often do not receive any medical treatment when they are sick or in pain. Disgusting "business" which should be stopped in all countries.

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