Thursday, February 2, 2012

Save a life! Adopt an animal from a shelter!


If you have been considering getting a new furry member of the family, adopt from a pet shelter. Older animals often have been assessed for personality and temperament so you know whether they will get along with other animals and children, or prefer the quiet life - just you and them. Some other benefits of adopting an older animal is that you can immediately see what type of personality they possess, and most are experts at doing their business in the "right" place! :)

Definitely avoid buying pets online. Buying online, or from unauthorized/unethical breeders, helps to encourage the terrible, cruel practice of puppy and kitten mills, where breeding animals are trapped their entire lives in tiny cages, never to see the sun, or run on the grass. Never to feel the kindness of a caring hug or pat. Never to know what it is to play or be loved except for the few brief weeks that they have their babies with them. They are often treated cruelly and killed with the same callousness.

Never give away your pet free to a "good home" or advertise pets online on forums like Craigs List, as these animals are often discarded or abused, or worse, end up as bait animals for the dogfighting industry. If you must surrender your animal, seek out a no-kill shelter and pay a small surrender fee to give this living, sweet being another chance at a good life and a loving home.

Never adopt a pet unless you are ready to make a commitment for their whole life, even if this means ten, twenty or more years. An adopted animal is an adopted member of your household and needs to be treated with love and respect as all members of your household deserve.

Consider the number of animals, variety, and temperaments, that will most comfortably work in with your lifestyle. If you can't adopt more animals, or cannot adopt an animal at all due to rental lease agreements, consider helping out at a local shelter, or maybe set up a website or blog to help promote and educate about animal welfare. Your contribution of effort, donations, or time, no matter how small, will make a difference to these innocent lives.

However, if you decide to adopt an animal, and have considered you are up to the responsibility of providing a loving home for the rest of their lives; the joy and love this will bring you, will outweigh any costs or effort needed to care for this special member of your family. Love knows no bounds!
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