Sunday, February 19, 2012

Petition to help stop abhorrent cruelty in Australian Slaughterhouses

NSW abattoir closed over slaughter practices. Beware - this footage is very disturbing.

Why This Is Important

Horrific animal abuse is happening right here, in Australian abattoirs.

Lateline just showed footage of workers at an abattoir in NSW bashing pigs on the head with iron bars, shocking them in the face with electric cattle prods and leaving helpless sheep to bleed to death while fully conscious.

The abattoir was checked by government regulators FOUR TIMES last year, and they didn’t find a single thing amiss.

Now the NSW Food Authority is trying to brush it off by labelling the abattoir as a “rogue operator”. They say it doesn’t represent the industry as a whole. But if the government inspected it four times and found nothing, how can they say this sickening abuse isn't happening to hundreds of other animals?

The current system doesn't work. Abattoirs should be fitted with mandatory cameras -- it's the only way to ensure this abuse isn't happening elsewhere.

If the workers are handling animals correctly, what is there to feel uncomfortable about? Many workplaces are equipped with security cameras for safety and work purposes, so why should abattoirs be exempt? The UK is already doing the same.

We don’t want to find out about such atrocious acts when it’s too late again.

Please sign, help get cameras installed in abattoirs and prevent more appalling animal abuse.
The petition can be found at the following address at

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