Wednesday, February 21, 2018

One of the reasons people become vegan.

If you care about animal welfare, you may have wondered why people who give up eating meat, often eventually give up dairy as well (i.e. become a vegan)? Well, the reason is that the dairy industry is also a meat industry. Baby cows are taken from their Mothers, sometimes only minutes after they are born, so their Mother's milk can be sold to humans to drink, instead of nourishing her baby calf. Then the tiny baby cow is either killed immediately by the farmer, sent to the slaughterhouse, or kept for four to six weeks in a tiny pen or darkened small cell so the baby can hardly move, in order to keep the baby's flesh tender. Then after approximately six weeks, the terrified baby cow is sent to a slaughterhouse to be killed for the flesh on its small body. Those not "turned into veal" (perhaps deemed too small or sickly) are considered "useless by-products" of the dairy industry and either thrown into a pit and buried alive, shot or have their throat cut.

Mother cows are pregnant for nine months before giving birth. After their baby is born, their baby is taken from her. EVERY baby this Mother cow will ever have, will be taken from her.

The following video reveals that Mother cows want to protect their calves from dairy farmers, because they know what will happen next. The Mother cow knows the farmer will take her baby away (like every previous baby she has had). Cows are not "dumb" animals; they love their babies and are trying to save them.

Beware very graphic dairy video below.

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