Saturday, April 23, 2016

No More Puppy and Kitten Mills! Adopt don't shop...

The Reality of Puppy Mills video - Puppy mills are large breeding facilities where dogs live in deplorable conditions, often without necessary food, water, or veterinary care. This is a look inside. Duration: Two and a Half Minutes

The Hellish Life of a Puppy Mill Dog (video) Duration: four and a half minutes

Did you know that puppy mills were the idea of the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the post-Second War Era, encouraging farmers to raise puppies as an alternative “crop.” Treated as livestock, the puppies were mass-produced in cages and barns.
This paved the way for pet stores to open in response to the growing supply of puppies. More about puppy (and kitten) mills here.

Save a life and make a shelter pet adoption, your only option, when you are looking for a pet to add to your family.

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