Monday, December 9, 2013

The horror and inhumanity of animal testing needs to stop...

Please sign the petitions listed below to help stop this barbaric and unnecessary abuse and murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent animals.

Petition | STOP the sadistic torture of primates at British Columbia University! | English

British Columbia University, located in Vancouver, Canada, is trying hard to be famous in the academic world. Thus, they have decided to implement a complex scheme of sadistic / barbaric / inhumane torture of primates, as they are on the verge of “a very important discovery that will change all we know about humans”.

Sounds good, but here is exactly what is happening: monkeys and baboons have their head scalped, in order to properly study brain functions. They have their hands and feet tied to chairs and metal detectors shoved in their eyes and ears. During these complex operations, some primates wake up because the anesthesia is gone. The pain cannot be described. After surgery, they are kept without water of up to three days. Many do not survive, but who cares, as long as the tests have been completed.

It is pretty obvious that no such tests will cure any human diseases. Consequently, we urge the University to immediately stop the brutal research and let the primates live in peace!

Click here to sign -

And to help stop cruel testing on animals in the UK, please click and sign at the link below.

More information on animal testing can be seen here -

Free book on why animal testing is invalid and unscientific here -

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