Friday, April 12, 2013

The horror of animal testing...

How does the torturing of this cat with radiation, improve the condition of humanity? This barbarism only serves to degrade humanity.

Coalition of FB Sites for the Rescue of Animals in the Fukushima No-Go Zone
This cat is a test subject for radiation testing in a laboratory. The remaining Fukushima Left-Behind animals are in danger of having the same done to them, except they will NOT be in a laboratory. The remaining Fukushima Left-behind animals are living in their "laboratory". It is despicable that "men of science" will exploit the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and use the animal victims in the name of "science". It is a shame that the animal's suffering is not "visual" enough to make an impact on some that do not understand what they are enduring. The nuclear industry says that nuclear power is safe, so why are so many studies?

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