Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wolves are disappearing, but the cull goes on!

This is an important petition. Sweden's wolves have been hunted nearly to extinction, but that hasn't stopped the Swedish EPA from authorizing wolf culls even today. Now, conservationists are asking the government to spare the life of one wolf in particular.
Susi, the female wolf, is extremely important to the whole of Sweden's wolf population. She has genes that are "fresh" and different from the rest of the populations which is inbreed.

She needs to be saved at any and every cost.

Officials are now waiting for this stormy petition to die OFF before giving a go ahead to kill her.
Don’t let that happen, KEEP SIGNING, Please !

A most certain decision to kill her was to be announced on Tuesday February 19, 2013 but a court ruling had stated that she is not to be touched until a final ruling is achieved and that ruling will come end of this week. (Read updates at the bottom. Ruling has come but it's not over yet).

Keep signing to put pressure on Sweden to save her.
Government officials (EPA) will continue to try to find loopholes and ways to get this through, to get the rights to kill her. The only way to finally get a stop to this madness is through the international pressure that you are helping me with.

The rest of Sweden's wolves are heavily inbred and that comes from the state sanctioned hunting and killing off all the important wolves that come into our country.

This is a tactic they have had for many years now, but in this case this wise female eluded the hunters until a temporary court order saved her for a while. This was the first time a court order saved wolves in Sweden.
Since they have killed every partner she has found and therefore can't get a family, she is forced to hunt alone which is not normal for a wolf. Wolves need to live in big families called packs.
Wolves main prey are the elk, but they are too big for a single wolf to take down so she is forced, by the decision makers, to hunt small prey and the most abundant small prey is the reindeer. Since we only have domestic reindeer after eliminating all the wild ones, she can't hunt any other prey than domestic reindeer which in turn is what they, the decision makers, refer to when deciding that she has to die, saying she takes too many reindeer's.

In the Swedish law it's stated that all other measures of protecting livestock has to be taken before a license to kill a predator can be given but that law is toothless and has never been complied with in any case. Wolves are being killed constantly without ever having implemented any of the more normal steps of protecting livestock and same goes for this case. The reindeer's are not at all protected.

The decision makers won't let her get a family and they won't let her hunt the only prey she can hunt without a family.
No matter what she does she's doomed to be killed.

UPDATE Feb 19, 2013
The court has ordered that this wolf is not to be touched until a final ruling has been decided upon and that ruling is to come any day now.

Unfortunately our "Swedish Environmental Protection Agency" has told media that they will not await such a decision, which means they are breaking the law. Appalling how a state owned agency pretending to stand for the protection of nature and wildlife is actually the one destroying it AND breaking the law. This is how great our democracy is. Don't be fooled by our propaganda. This agency is often deciding against nature and wildlife.

Update Feb 21, 2013:
Late yesterday the court came out with it's ruling. In short it states that no hunting on Susi will be allowed. They court says that the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency decision to kill her does not meet the criterias for an exception from the prior decision they made from prohibiting any more killing of wolves.

Susi is not safe YET. More applications to kill her come in all the time, and have just come in as I write this, and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency will continue to try and get rights to kill her. So please, PLEASE, keep signing this petition. I'm hoping that at some point they will realize their madness and stop this pursuit.

Update Feb 22, 2013:
The EPA (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency) had in mind to give a go ahead today but they have put it off until next week and the most probable reason for that is that this petition is too hot at the moment. They want to wait until this wears off and then give the go ahead to kill her. It’s almost unheard of them putting off these decisions.
So PLEASE keep forwarding this petition to anyone you know and on every forum you can. Don’t let this wear off until we get a final decision, hopefully, that they will spare Susi.
We will never give up, they better realize that.
Petition Target: Lena Ek (minister), Maria Aagren (EPA), Bo Kaellstrand (governor)
Sponsored by: Mats Carnmarker

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