Friday, October 21, 2011

Ukraine Is Burning Animals ALIVE in preparation for Football Championships 2012! Take Action Now!

PLEASE SHARE - This amazing picture shows a large number of bags stacked and sealed. All but one of which shows the head of a dog unable to release the rest of his body from the bag. Packages are filled with dogs and cats ready to be placed alive in a crematorium. The savage massacre is taking place in Lysychansk (Ukraine), in order to rid the city of their presence during the European Football Championship in 2012.
Ukraine Is Burning Animals ALIVE. Take Action Now! - Take Action Today @ The Animal Rescue Site

Petition to stop Ukraine burning stray dogs alive in "clean-up" for football championship! (Click on link to sign) How did football become more important than compassion?!
Photo above courtesy of Nature Call Love facebook page


  1. burn these monsters!!

  2. Thank you for your comment. Yes, this is terribly tragic. I hope if enough people speak out about this, it will stop!

  3. I can't' believe what I've just read, how can anyone do such a thing.
    This Ukrainian government is no better than Hitler, I hope and pray that whoever ordered this massacre will see the same end, be burned alive...

  4. Yes, it is an incredibly sad, barbaric, and unnecessary situation, Mags. Thank you for adding your voice, to saying "no" to this terrible, inhumane treatment of animals.