Saturday, May 16, 2015

Retire kidnapped Dolphins and Sea Lions to a sanctuary!

Thank you to Joseph Knight for this crucial animal welfare petition. "Dolphins who were swimming hundreds of miles a day, are now confined to tiny tanks at Parc Astérix Theme Park. Sea Lions who migrated hundreds of miles a year are living their entire lives in a pool almost the size of a plunge pool. With noisy rides close by and music blaring out of speakers, this is no environment for some of the most intelligent species on the planet to live. These animals have now sadly been torn from their natural environment, so it is impossible for them to survive in the open sea. So the only escape from this prison, is to a sea sanctuary.

These dolphins and sea lions are often trained using food deprivation, so their only motive to perform tricks is to receive food. I saw many dolphins who refused to perform being denied food by the trainers.

Three weeks ago I had seen dolphins and sea lions in the wild. The wild Dolphins were clearly engaged, jumping and swimming as a group. These dolphins however looked depressed and swam separately. The wild sea lions were socially interacting and almost constantly calling. These sea lions only called under their trainers instructions and I didn't see them socialise once.

It is obvious that these kidnapped animals are extremely unhappy here, so please join me in calling on Parc Astérix to retire the dolphins and sea lions to a sea sanctuary.

Thank you for your support,


To sign and share petition, please click on this link.

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