Saturday, August 4, 2012

Say no to horse abuse (Rollkur) that causes :Hyperflexion

This is horrible, the name in rolkur, it affects the horses bones, and eventually after a while another bone develops and this causes like aurthoitus for humans, makes there necks very stiff, please share and make people aware

From creator of video - "Here is a quick but detailed video about Rollkur.
Sorry if your unable to read all the information as it has been made for me suitable to read, sorry if you are a slow reader, feel free to pause it !
I first heard of rollkur a few months ago, and I was shocked, it's so ugly, how can people even think that it looks good !?
Hope you found this video informative, please share it around so everyone can get to know about Rollkur and eventually put a stop to it!
Made by Booklou. Youtube I do NOT claim to own any of the audio in this video, IF the audio is taken or muted action will be taken and BOOKLOU has FULL permission to use it from the owner."

DVD - If Horses could speak - the movie, which shows the results of hyperflexion and false riding. Horses do not make a specific noise when they are in pain and yet with practice it is possible to read their state of health from their face and especially their eyes. One years work went into developing the unique 3-D animation which clearly demonstrates where false riding hurts and why. Gert Heuschmann, the author of Tug of Ware, explains clearly and comprehensibly.
The film makers, Hardy Martins ( Cascadeur - The Amber Chamber ), Bernhard Gassner and Pixomondo ( Jurassic park ) can normally be found in and around the world of cinema and documentary film.
Dr. med. vet. Gerhard Heuschmann - he is a vet, a rider and above all a true horse lover. He is the man, who currently pours all his energy into educating riders to develop an awareness of what is really needed to make their sport more horse friendly. He is not afraid to speak up for his cause and if need be to lend the horses his voice.
His book Tug of War Classical Versus Modern Dressage was published by Wu Wei Verlag, Schondorf.
First released at the end of 2006 exactly one year later the revised second edition is released including an open letter to the FEI, the FN and the German horse riding authorities. Over 25,000 copies have been sold to date making it one of the most successful horse books in recent years and it has so far been translated into 9 languages. It explains impressively and clearly what riders have to know so that their horses stay healthy. The DVD "IF HORSES COULD SPEAK" is the film to this famous book and it should persuade everybody, who is riding.

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