Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fur only looks good on the animals born with it. People dressed in fur look bulging and marred by their vanity and lack of compassion...

This post courtesy of Angels for Animals Network - Less than a week ago we launched a petition asking new company Skaist Taylor to stop selling FUR. - Please sign at the link provided to stop this cruelty.

Photograph of terrified animal taken out of its cage to be skinned for fur.

Despite the fact that our petition now has over 12,500 signatures (more than 8 times as many followers as they have on facebook), they have remained silent as they continue to delete any comments or feedback left on their posts. Fortunately, this is a new brand that should be eager to protect their growing image, so I feel very confident that we can continue to educate these clueless women and encourage them to go cruelty-free & fur-free before they launch their next line! PLEASE sign and share the petition, and boycott Skaist Taylor until they pledge to go fur-free. Thank you!

Fur only looks beautiful on the animals born with it. For those who drape themselves in the fur of animals brutally raised and slaughtered, it is a mark of their vanity, and their lack of compassion - these animals suffered cruel lives and even more cruel deaths so these people can look fat and fluffy!

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